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Aider les couples à se connecter dans Kink

BDSM Couples Coaching Paris

Vous et votre partenaire voulez découvrir le BDSM ? Ou alors, vous êtes déjà des joueurs expérimentés à la recherche d’une nouvelle aventure ? Nous pouvons créer des expériences personnalisées à partir des options suivantes.

Neighborhood Gare -de Est


Un partenaire se soumet tandis que l’autre s’associe avec moi le temps d’une séance BDSM.


Un partenaire se soumet à moi tandis que l’autre observe et éventuellement commente.


Une séance où les deux partenaires se soumettent.


Trouvez les meilleurs moyens de communiquer votre problème à votre partenaire et de satisfaire les besoins de chacun.


Il y a de nombreux moyens de rencontrer un ou une partenaire de jeu. Apprenez à vous présenter pour vous faire remarquer.

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Visiting Domina M is the best thing that ever happened to us !
We were struggling to bloom as a couple, coping with fantasies that were definitely not aligned.

My husband is deeply into BDSM whereas I am definitely a vanilla-type of girl.

After a lot of talking and convincing, I accepted to visit Domina M and I am greatly thankful to her for it was a wonderful experience that we did not regret. Domina M is welcoming, open-minded, and so careful and understanding about her clients’ mindset and personality. She knows how to create a delightful environment and manages to make you feel confortable in a second. The long discussion that preceded the session was just perfect to understand everyone’s expectations and to express our potential (in my case, definite !) scares or hesitations…

Domina M managed to focus on my needs, as the Dominant, and to convey the fun and playful part of the BDSM action, respecting our psychological boundaries and physical limitations.
At the end of our sessions, we had a nice « aftercare » chat, allowing us to explain our feelings and thoughts about the play. That is really useful to unwind and to move safely onto the next session.

So, really, without a doubt, Domina M is a great, trustworthy professional and a wonderful human being, and we cannot recommend her enough to any couple who still hesitates to cross that line.


My partner and I had been searching for a Mistress to work with us as a pair, for what we had begun to call ‘Domination by proxy’.

In the UK this was proving to be elusive. We frequently visit Paris and decided to expand our search.

To say that our initial encounter with Domina M, surpassed our expectations would be unfair, as our excitement post the session was palpable. It was clear from the very beginning that she had taken the time to understand not only what we were seeking as a couple, but also as individuals

(something that can be a complex thing to discern), to create the beginning of what we hope will be a long and pleasurably deviant relationship.

From my own personal perspective, beyond that of the encounter with my partner, I felt very much a part of the session, not simply there as a voyeur, and I have subsequently talked with Domina M about being given guidance and instruction on the art of Domination.

~ C and R