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Paris Femdom

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Domination in Paris, France


I am Domina M, a world-renowned Dominatrix based in Paris, France.

After seeing top echelon slaves across three continents, I installed myself as a sought-after domina in the trendy, Parisian neighborhood of Porte Saint Martin. I built my private and discreet playspace, tucked in the 10th arrondissement between Canal Saint Martin and Gare de l’Est, to showcase my skills and taste in equipment hand-selected from BDSM artisans worldwide. Please follow your interests and all the pleasures my website offers to learn more about how I became the mistress of the City of Light.

Femdom Paris

The M Experience

My domination practice spans 25 years and three continents, experiencing the psychological profiles of diverse cultures and tasting the dark secrets of many underground kink societies.


Begin Your Journey

FAQs, protocol, and procedure to follow to book your session with Domina M


Games of Trust

Where fetish meets desire lies your most controllable moments, where you trade in control to give in to temptation. Perhaps it is the gentle touch of a silk stocking, the quick taste of a leather boot…


Studio Xéme

Nestled in the heart of Paris is my blue jewel, fully equipped playspace, Studio Xéme

BDSM education Paris, France

Helping Couples Connect in Kink

BDSM mentoring for couples; online and in person.  Are you and your partner are curious about BDSM and Femdom or experienced players looking for a new adventure?

Paris Dominatrix

Finding your Inner Domina Education

Femdom education; online and in person. Where I assist you in developing your technical and psychological knowledge of kink and female domination


BDSM & Femdom Educator in Paris

Femdom Musings