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How do you Get into “Domme Mode?”

by | Jun 21, 2023 | Ask M | 0 comments

Just as in writing a story, painting a tableau, or any other creative endeavor, there is a process, a beginning, before beginning. I have some things that I do that transition me, not into top space, but prepared to meet someone’s energy. Almost always, this process has a curated soundtrack that either elevates or calms my mood–depending on my starting point. This can take up to 3 hours, depending on the scene I am preparing.

First, I take control of my physical space. While it is impossible to have everything cleaned and organized to perfection (trust me, I have tried), I need to feel that my room is presentable. The items I want to use in the scene are readily available, with safety and sanitary items within easy reach. A play scene exists in three dimensions, and I need to feel I can move with ease and grace within it. 

Next, I take control of my physical presentation, make-up, hair, and, most importantly, the many layers and levels of the fetish outfit. Sometimes the person I see is quite specific about what triggers their sub-space. I consider this with the practicality of what I must achieve in our playtime. Just as important is, “Do I feel powerful in this outfit?” Contained in the privacy of the scene, I can wear a lot of what my fancies and fantasies include without judgment of the outside world. And so begins the separation of the mundane world and the ephemeral world I create.

And lastly, I collect my beverage (herbal tea or sparkling water), sit in my elevated spot, and spend some time thinking about–nothing. I gather my thoughts and quiet them to disconnect with nonscene life fully. I cannot worry about errands, projects, and all the other things that will keep me from connecting to my sub. While this sounds simple and even unnecessary, I assure you that this is the most critical part. I am clearing out my mental space for the scene. I change the music to something beautiful and ambient for the session.

At this time, I can receive my sub into my created world.


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