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Anal hooks

by | Jun 16, 2023 | Top's Gear | 0 comments

My first exposure to metal anal hooks was through the infamous INSEX extreme bondage site, notorious for pushing the boundaries of safety and limits of their bondage models. This secured the image in my mind of the anal hooks attached to the nose-hooks of crying models. I never considered them a part of my more playful scenes but a degrading use of the ass as a bondage point in a larger, intense bondage scene.

I have since warmed up to this simple yet effective toy. It, in fact, goes well with my style of play, which is intense but playful. I can use it in my beloved leash and collar games, but it takes these games to another level. Using a cord as a leash, I can effectively lead my subject around by their ass and go so far as, with my male subjects, lead them around by their prostate. The ball on the end of the hook stimulates the prostate with every subtle movement, and I can bring up the intensity by adding a light vibrating toy.

When choosing any metal toy, ensure the metal has quality welds and finish. If you select one with changeable ends, double check the attachment is tightly screwed on before beginning your play. Enjoy your adventure.


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