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The Tremblr Milking Machine Review

by | Jun 30, 2023 | Top's Gear | 0 comments

Milking soft domination has gained popularity in recent years, and the Tremblr milking machine is one of the top three devices. We are now leaps ahead of the penis pumps and vibrators used in the past.


The Tremblr comes in a kitted-out flight box with all the mechanics built inside. For me, it has that allure of the interrogation scene and the interrogator opening up that mysterious attaché case full of implements. Except it’s not an attaché case; it is considerably heavier. It may lose some sophisticated charm when I let a little grunt out when moving it.

It still has all the attachments in a well-organized setup. One uncoils the electrical cord and attaches it to the outside plug, and the hose, remote control, adjustment tool, and cleaning brush are all kept in place with a sexy little net. The electrical cord and adapter are long enough to reach any reasonably placed outlet, and the hose is long enough to change one’s subs positioning.

The clear plexiglass view of the pump with the blue lighting is a happy accident that matches my dungeon decor. While I appreciate the dungeon aesthetic of the receivers being black, I wish they would have been transparent. As a top, using it on a bottom, I would enjoy seeing what’s going on in there.

It all stores nicely away in the box when not in use.


When I first received my device, I felt a little overwhelmed as it was a serious piece of equipment to figure out. Not having *ahem* the equipment to understand how the different settings felt, was daunting. Fortunately, I had quite a few volunteers to help me with this. Unfortunately, the common feedback was, “It feels great–and interesting.” I could work with that.

After a while, I could see the setup was intuitive if I relaxed and stopped overthinking. Hooking up the hose could be more fluid and leads to some fumbling if it is dark, but it works well. Since I play with multiple partners, I completely abandoned the “cleaning brush” included. Instead, I disassemble the receiver for a complete serialization every time.

The “hands-free orgasm” claim is a bit of a misnomer as the receiver needs to be secured somehow if not held. I’ve used complicated rope rigging to position it and keep it from flying off or just a leather belt around the stomach and receiver to keep it in place as long as the bottom is endowed enough to do so.

Let me show you the ins and outs of my Tremblr Milking Machine


So far, I am impressed with the flight box, especially considering how rough I am with it–practically tossing it behind the cage where I keep it when it is not in use. It shows no sign of wear, not even a scratch or chip.

The connector hose from the receiver to the pump is fragile and prone to crack at the ends. At first, I tried to remedy cracks with electrical tape, which was both ugly and ineffective. Then I realized it was homogenous and quite long, so I simply cut off the offending part before the crack continued farther on the tube.

The remote control had some issues. It used up the battery quite quickly, and this can be exacerbated if not stored properly and one of the buttons is squashed. Keep plenty of 23A 12V batteries on hand. They are cheap but not always easy to find. Also, the light on the remote lights up even when the battery is too weak to activate the device. This made me think the controller was broken, and needlessly ordered a second.

The liners for the receivers are thick, durable latex. If one constantly sterilizes them, as I do, they break down quickly. It is a fair trade-off for cleanliness, in my opinion.

Customer Service

Dealing directly with F-Machines out of the UK has been a dream. Yes, the machine has some imperfections, but they help navigate these issues and replace anything that goes awry. They even helped when I spaced out and threw away the receiver cap for no reason. Not a fault with them, but of note, Brexit made ordering replacement items from the UK to France difficult. The import tax can be pretty steep to prohibitive.

Conclusion after using the Tremblr Milking Machine for three years

Some reviews about the pump not functioning long-term and the hose and cords’ fragility made me concerned. After three years of use, I can safely say it is an excellent workhorse device in my toy arsenal. As for the sensation it provides for my play partners, “your mileage may vary.” Some absolutely love it, but for others, it is only a “meh, that is interesting.” No one complains, though.

(Disclaimer: I verify that all my opinions are as true and authentic as possible, but I also receive a commission from all purchases through my affiliate link.)

If you are interested in buying in the EU, I highly recommend the good folks over at Mister B. They are based in the Netherlands, but I hope they reopen a shop in Paris.

Order the Tremblr Milking Machine

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