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Finding your Inner Domina

FEMDOM Education and Mentoring


Many have sought me out for my technical and psychological knowledge of kink and female domination. Often to learn more about a partner or to assuage a burning curiosity. While those goals will indeed be met, my students also find a sexual awakening and emergence of confidence that translates well beyond private interactions and into everyday aspects of life. Technical ability many times opens the way for greater strength of compassionate conviction.

FEMDOM Education and Mentoring Online and Paris France

Some common topics include:


The foundation of BDSM play, before we get to the games, we must build a way to do things safely and mindfully. Knowing how to care for your subject’s body and mind by heart allows the natural creativity of the Domina to begin.

Conducting playtime

Creating one’s own set of signals, triggers, and rituals sets not only the tone of play but healthy boundaries. Shedding daily routines and transitioning into fantasy roles can be the most difficult for beginners. Learn how to navigate these situations and begin the mood elegantly.

Verbal psychology

With a focus on negotiating with your partner and reading his reactions during play to find words that work, we can build what you say and, more importantly, how you say it.

Finding your style/confidence

We can work as long as you like to customize the domination style that is the most authentic for you. There is no right way nor wrong way, as everyone is, thankfully, quite different. We will discuss and “try on,” if you will, different attitudes and personals to explore what feels the most empowering to you.

Kinky relationships

For kink to be happy, healthy, and fulfilling, good communication and firm boundaries must be the norm. Coaching on how you can best express your needs and the extent of what BDSM plays in your life.

Navigating the BDSM world

So you are ready to go out there and find a play partner if you don’t already have one? Where does one begin with websites, apps, parties, munches, and classes? What does one do? Let’s talk about what works for your needs.

“We met Domina M as a couple for a domination session in Paris. As a duo at initial stages of jointly exploring and living our sexual fantasies, we found Domina M to be an able Sherpa and experienced facilitator for our adventure. Subtly teasing, remarkably prescient, and a goddess with a towering presence, she dominated our minds, bodies and souls in the session, with the most succulent pair of feet deserving to be served.

Outside of the session, we found her to be an accomplished conversationalist, professional to the core and considerate to a fault.

Her wealth of expertise, able insights and imaginative craft enriched us greatly and we absolutely loved serving her.”

~ tina and raj

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