Furs and stockings
The seams must be perfect
Soft Domination in Paris
Domestic servitude
Distracted by my soft feet
Quiet moment
Stocking fetishist dream
Soft domme in the morning
Garters secured
Smiling Domme
Your leash is waiting. Let me attach your collar.
Domina in the sun
Soft domination and public humiliation
Looks like rain
Protecting the mistress
Parisian mistress protected from the elements
Keeping the elements from getting to the domina
Perhaps it is too warm for the vintage fur?
Classical domination
No, vintage fur is always a good idea.
Strolling on the bridge
Do my stockings have your attention
Enjoying the Sun
The sun returns to the 17éme arrondissement
Late morning
Perhaps I will need another slave?

A Stroll in Parc Monceau with my Slave Assistant

It is a lovely morning in Paris’ Parc Monceau with my slave assistant. What a nice day for a stroll, but the weather can be unpredictable. Luckily I have my trusted slave assistant with me to tend to my umbrella, stockings, and fur. We promenade with soft...