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Interview for Stocking Slavery

by | Dec 25, 2023 | Video Vault | 0 comments

This feature has been the most referenced of all my video clips. Pete Mortin and I are horrible actors. We like to goof around and be silly, but the chemistry here is apparent and desired by many who contact me. Is it possible? Of course. Probably not the first time out of the gate.

Shot in the secondary, red room in my Wall Street dungeon, Dreamland, and then in the hallway because–why not?? The tripod setup and rudimentary lighting appear so lo-fi, and in other videos, I was greatly criticized for it. Still, sometimes the dynamic wins out on all the insignificant details. You can’t fake Pete’s instant switch into sub-space when I dangle my heel in front of his nose. It may be raw and not preplanned, but its intrinsic flow and naturalness shine through.


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