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Collaboration opportunities to keep the photos and videos free

by | Jun 5, 2023 | This Week Tied Together | 0 comments

Over the past 25 years, I have done hundreds of video productions and taken literally thousands of fetish photos. For the most part, I have made an effort to bring thought and quality to each production. While many guerilla, documentary-style photos portray my life in BDSM, I have also worked hard to create visual artistry that conveys a message, feeling, and story. Using the medium of photos and videos and the canvas of my body and sometimes the body of another to paint these images takes a lot of mental preparation and money for the best locations, props, and outfits. 

Now I have opportunities for my fans to collaborate to acquire the needed items and produce the shoots. These efforts help me keep these photos and videos free for all. This way, I can focus more on expressing my authentic view of kink and BDSM while avoiding the grind of clip sales focused on the fetish flavor of the moment.

In conjunction with Wishtender, you can quickly get a sneak peek into where my creations are going and possibly contribute directly.

I strive to make written and visual content that embraces and inspires everyone to explore kink. Keep watching.


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