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Anal Suspension

by | Oct 25, 2023 | Video Vault | 0 comments

I had forgotten this brilliant little clip of 35 minutes. As always, it’s so much better to play with partners I know so well. I experimented with the lighting on this shoot–tossing the rope LED light through the overhead chains and lighting candles in every corner of the room. They really bring out the depth of something that was filmed on tape.

In the past, I was criticized for my “camera on a tripod” clips, which I can understand, but I did keep a portion of my brain attached to stopping and moving the camera when I was going to be out of frame. It’s not 100% effective, but I feel the scenes I do with the tripod have a different, almost “earthy mood to them. It’s a different energy as I am more aware of the camera and performing more. Nothing wrong with the performance. It is entertainment, after all. But my ease with a one-on-one scene with an adored player is special.

If this had not been a one-on-one scene, I am not sure I could have brought the rope suspension to the intensity I did. I could maintain that connection to Thrash and even ask at an appropriate time without breaking the mood.


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