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by | Sep 25, 2023 | Video Vault | 0 comments

I enjoyed rewatching this classic video, though I must admit it is a laugh riot for me. Broken was a collaboration with Angelo Amichevole, and Angelo had a particular vision of FemDom–the strong woman who topples a boisterous man. I can get behind this FemDom archetype for sure, but it’s not one that I embrace in my customary domme life. I’m not looking for someone to “challenge” me. I prefer not to be combative. For art’s sake, however, I took a stab at it.

So we needed a guy who looked the part. Enter Pete. He’s a big guy with that accent. Pete and I had been play partners for years, and I can assure you he’s not at all contentious but the eager-to-please type who does please quite well. Him trying to pick a fight with me at the beginning of the video is such a far cry from his personality; I can’t watch this scene without snorffling a giggle. I am unsure how the uninitiated viewer experiences this, but the macho guitar rock entrance music only exacerbates my cognitive dissonance. Unfortunately for Angelo’s vision, our acting is terrible, and within a few minutes, we revert to our normal and natural dynamic. It takes no time at all to captivate him with my shoes. You may remember his seemingly instantaneous switch in Interview for Stocking Slavery.

You’ll note this video was “filmed entirely at Dreamland Studios,” meaning my Wall Street apartment above my dungeon, complete with my Eskie, Sophia, coming in and out of frame. Earlier that week, I painted my living room walls that luxurious “Crushed Velvet Green” (Thanks, Slave R!!). The electrical outlet covers had yet to be replaced. (I am sure that was the first thing you saw.)

It takes exactly 3 minutes and 23 seconds before we abandon the roles and play as we do. My stream-of-consciousness humiliation leads us to the bathroom and kitchen. All the while, I am drinking coffee because, of course, I am.


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