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by | Jan 25, 2024 | Video Vault | 0 comments

While not much for role-play, I enjoy fantasies in an educational setting and the concept of punishment/correction being for “one’s own good.” Angelo Amichevole shot this in the early days of Dreamland. Troy Orleans was using the place for sessions while she searched for her first location, and I was sessioning less and experimenting more with video clips.

The soft filter placed in post-production is pleasant enough, making my skin and hair look great, but it seems super dated 15 years later. I used to pile on makeup and fake lashes, so I had some form of facial definition amid all of it. At least red lipstick was always something I enjoyed.

I did not enjoy using a mask on the subject during this shoot. I respect his desire to be anonymous, but putting a student in a mask took me out of the role-play. That is why I am not great at role-play. You are a student? But you are in a hood and completely naked otherwise? I’m a little more natural than all of this.


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