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Prolonged Anal Torment

by | Jul 9, 2023 | Video Vault | 0 comments

In the last year of my Wall Street Dungeon, Dreamland, I painted it river rock gray, which was much easier to light for filming. At this point, I had shot with so many of my regular play partners, and I had been using Sissy Mitch for years and years.

I wonder how this comes across to the viewer. Does it lessen the experience with the ease with which we address each other? Or does the casualness make it more authentic? Because this is what it is, genuine. Mitch and I turned on the camera and played. Every so often, I remember the camera is on and play to it, but eventually prefer to focus on my subject and maintain our connection.

The great thing about a long-time play partner is the pomp and circumstance of beginning rituals can be forsaken, and real experimentation can commence. There is no hypnotic speech to induce subspace and top space; we simply “go there.” The culminating video combines “M standards” of talons (I will love those things until my dying day) and vibrating insertables to my experimentation with the chain arrangement bondage and lit candle as a butt plug.


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