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Suffering Boot Slave

by | Feb 10, 2024 | Video Vault | 2 comments

Bart from Syren Video shot this while staying with me in Manhattan. Knowing Bart since I was 26 and still getting started in the professional kink world, we had a pretty easy dynamic. Generally, I’m not too fond of an audience when I play, but Bart blends into the background or encourages the activities well. 

I asked Slave R to join me, and we already had an established dynamic, so the play flowed well. Not at all a masochist, but instead a foot and boot fetishist, R gladly took all my sadistic whims, knowing the more he served me, the greater the reward.


  1. Laurent

    I like when you finish off SlaveR with a golden shower at the end…what a treat !

    • Domina M

      It’s the ultimate finale of a scene. After a sub is completely worn out it cements their place, my dominance all with the warm kiss of my pheromones.


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