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Thrash Gets Thrashed

by | Mar 10, 2024 | Video Vault | 0 comments

Thrash does get a working over every time he appears in my dungeon. I fit a lot in 26 minutes and a lot inside of him. Like many of my favorites, this clip is one camera tripod that I move as the play evolves. There was a time when I planned each activity, and each activity would be chopped up into a 5-10 minute clip on its own with a 40-65 minute feature released at the end.

Tied, tormented and teased

Right now, that sounds unbelievable, but everything was filmed on tape then. The tape, in turn, had to be imported into FinalCut Pro–which took several hours to overnight to render. Often a shoot would take me an entire weekend to edit simply because of the technology, and I wanted to get at least five updates for the following week to keep the members’ site active and my clip store on the updated list. Effective, but the clips themselves were not that great, as one could not see the flow of the scene.


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