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Tickled Little Pest

by | Jul 9, 2023 | Video Vault | 0 comments

This feature video is one of the few with a cis female submissive. I took this opportunity to lean heavily into a domestic scene of a friend of my little sister pestering me to the point that I had to punish her. It was such a delightful premiss to engage in tickling and over-the-knee spanking games. Also, Mistress Babalyon, who plays the title pest, was exploring her submissive side during her kink exploration, and we agreed on something light-hearted.

Shot by Bart of Syren Productions while he was in NYC, we used my Wall Street apartment for the domestic setting and my personal wardrobe of vintage lingerie and a silk robe, just like a typical evening in my home. Per our gonzo nature, it took us 65 minutes to shoot a 52-minute video–sailing through the light wrestling takedown, bondage with my robe’s belt and scarves, tickling, forced foot smelling, hair-brush paddling, and finally corner time–the cruelest punishment for an attention seeking pest.


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